It wasn’t me – or the perfect websites, recipes and videos on the net


Thank you daughter, for needing my recipes.

You made me realize that I really do love cooking and that cooking makes me feel good.

Washing up, not so much. See? We have so much in common. The difference is that I still clean up. Ha.

I am still a child, of course, yes. And now you are closer to finding out that grown-ups who look adult are pretending – or lying to themselves.

Writing up my recipes also made me realize that I think about cooking or what I have cooked at random moments in the day quite often.

Which makes my cooking count as a hobby – not to say an obsession because, well, that’s not very cool (lalalaa 🎼yes it might 🎶be an obsession lallaaaa).

In order to get more information, ideas and tips I browse the internet and these are the people, videos or websites I often visit and that you could have a look at too.

Peaceful Cuisine

This youtube channel was sent by the gods.

For once, it does what is says on the tin.

It is peaceful.

Read the comments, they’re hilarious. Some people watch these videos to sleep, well… peacefully.

I have tried the ramen (and adapted the recipe to what I had in the fridge and my own taste, recipe to come), my fearless daughter did the curry (it only took her 5 hours… thus this blog; but it was the curry that destroyed all other currys… No more take away) and the chocolate and avocado tart.

We’ll keep following the Peaceful Cuisine footsteps.

Nigella Lawson

I might have a crush on her but so does my husband. It’s totally fine.

The link here will lead you to a search for vegan recipes where you will find the best chocolate cake of your life (hint: don’t use as much expresso powder as she does, it’s too much).

The convincing argument here is that if Nigella, who is definitely not vegan, prefers this recipe over non-vegan ones, it’s worth it.

This became the cake I take to parties or dinners so that people don’t look at me with annoyance and rather with a certain admiration of my debauched vegan ways.

It works.

Jamie Oliver

I might have a crush on Jamie Oliver too but my husband doesn’t follow this one. It’s the lisp. Gets me every time.

Kids if you fully embrace your idiosyncrasies, they become the sexiest thing about you.

So this one has about 300 recipes that go from cakes to meals.

I haven’t tried anything specifically but I do watch his show once in a while and I always take good tips from it.

The Muffin Myth

This website is Katie Trant’s platform as a nutritionist. She is vegetarian but there are many vegan options in there.

I have borrowed her recipe of Mung Bean Soup, which I will post soon. It’s absolutely delicious, easy to make and rewarding.

You know when you eat something that is both healthy, tasty and comforting? Usually ginger is involved, in my experience.

But more importantly, Katie Trant is a nutritionist.

I don’t claim to be one but many people nowadays do. And they have book contracts! *Cough* clean eating fad * cough*.

There is a danger in blurring the boundaries between cooking nice food, trying to be healthy and pretending to be a nutritionist or even a scientist.

Read her entry about coconut oil, it is very informative. Apparently, coconut oil is certainly not a healthy alternative to cooking oil and should be considered a treat and not a regular staple in the kitchen.

I will keep posting these interludes with links to awesome people out there who can help you think of better recipes or simply have good vegan/vegetarian or simply interesting tips to live better without extra work;-)

It’s all about the free time right?






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